When They Just Can’t Win, Part 8 – Trump is Bad!

Seems like those unfriend and block buttons really are the only defense people have when you go through their claims and start refuting them one by one.

Here we go again.


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Athena Brown

Athena Brown How is he a “con man”?

He actually isn’t a liar – that would be Hillary. Trump is just wrong a lot because he doesn’t research the facts before speaking.

My challenge still stands – please show me 2 things Trump has ever said or done that was racist.

I’m also not sure how he’s a religious biggot… in fact this is the first time I’m seeing that one. Links? Evidence?

No one cares if he’s twice divorced. Most people have been divorced at least once. That’s life. We fall in love, it doesn’t work out, we split.

Haven’t researched the university claim.

Links on him not paying taxes?

My challenge also includes Trump ever saying or doing 2 things that were sexist. I’ll also accept some other demonstration from when he’s ever “treated women like trash”.

Being a political OUTSIDER is actually a plus, not a minus.

The only thing in this list I’d agree with is the 4 bankruptcies, and I’ll agree he doesn’t have the best manners, but that’s hardly a prime issue.

Athena Brown
Athena Brown Oh, and yea – I’m on the right, and I want him president.
Austin Galante

Austin Galante http://trumpthemovie.com

25 years ago, Donald Trump suppressed this documentary. It’s time the truth comes out.
Athena Brown

Athena Brown ^ Come onnnnnnn. I’m not paying to watch a movie on a bunch of stuff I could probably

>> refute
^^^ for free

like I usually do. If you need time to find the source material online go ahead.

Austin Galante
Austin Galante Oh shit, they ate charging to watch it now. I watched it for free. Maybe there is a link to watch it free. Very informational. He’s a piece of shit.
Austin Galante
Austin Galante And off the top of my head, telling Megan Kelly that “she must have blood coming out of her whatever”, is a pretty fucking sexist thing to say to a woman; simply for giving his winey ass questions he didn’t like.
That is a demeaning way to put her down when he was getting real questions that made him look bad.
Athena Brown

Athena Brown What I don’t get is how Trump can insult literally *EVERYONE* who is male, and insult them in every creative way he can think of, over and over again until they start dropping out of the race:


…………….. but if he insults a woman ONE TIME…. that’s sexist.

No, my friend… that’s equality. If you can’t stand up and take the hits like the men do, and you need special coddling, then you’re in the wrong business.

I’m a woman, and could run as an Oregon state representative. I don’t. Why? Because I know I don’t have what it takes. I don’t want to handle *that* level of heat day in and day out – waking up each day and seeing half the city calling me vile names just because I’m with one party or the other. But if I did run for a seat, then I absolutely would expect every bit of what the men get, because that’s what equality is all about. If you can’t take the hits, get out of the race. I believe in equality, so I don’t think women get special treatment, or need to have their hands held every step of the way. Hillary doesn’t. Sarah doesn’t. Jill doesn’t. Trump could – and does – insult them, but they can take it.

And they fire right back.

Nicole Greazel
Nicole Greazel Now Athena, I know you’re going to deny all of this or else not want to read any of the articles but here is evidence of everything from this picture. And let’s not forget about him mocking a reporter with a disability. How you can still defend him baffles me.
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Nicole Greazel
Athena Brown

Athena Brown >> Now Athena, I know you’re going to deny all of this or else not want to read any of the articles

^^^ What the actual f*ck…. please show me one single debate I’ve ever been in during my entire **history** on facebook where I haven’t read an article someone else posted as evidence. Hell at LEAST 9 times out of 10 I read the article and the person who’s posting it hasn’t.

>> but here is evidence of everything from this picture.

^^^ Yea you posted like 6 different links at once, so it’s going to take a while.

>> And let’s not forget about him mocking a reporter with a disability. How you can still defend him baffles me.

^^^ First that’s not an example of racist or sexist, so it doesn’t actually answer the challenge I posted. Second, Trump says he didn’t know the person was disabled. If he did know, then yea that was a real crap thing to do, sure. But the question was still about him being racist or sexist.

Nicole Greazel
Nicole Greazel I wasn’t claiming that it was racist or sexist. It just showed what kind of person he can be. But as I figured that would happen, you defended him and that was to be expected.
Athena Brown

Athena Brown Going through them now.

>> *First Link*

^^^ Consider this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4604reEqk0

Further: Trump maintains he didn’t know the person he was referring to was disabled, and this is a reasonable defense. It’s possible he was just mocking him, the way he would mock anyone else, and the person just happened to also be disabled.

But okay, lets consider for a moment that Trump vividly recalled this specific person was disabled and was deliberately going to make fun of his disability, completely removed from all other things being said at that moment. That’s not racist, it’s not sexist, and although it would be considered crude and immature, it’s not enough to switch my vote over to a manipulative liar who’s rigged the democratic elections from the beginning. So moving on.

>> *Second Link*

Late last month, on “Good Morning America,” “CBS This Morning,” and other political talk shows, Marco Rubio called Donald Trump “a con artist.”

^^^ Oh now THERE’S a good source! Rubio, who was fighting with Trump viciously for the nomination, and got beat in his own state. Yea, I’m sure this guy is going to be totally unbiased and present only the evidence.

Here’s another:

Rubio implied that Trump’s Presidential campaign was another instance of intentional deception. It’s a message we’ve heard not just from Rubio, but from Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney, as well as various pundits.

^^^ Okay, so his opponents called him a con artist. Therefore, he is.

Now lets look at what Hillary’s opponents have called her, and believe everyone one of them without question, shall we? Because we know those are unbiased sources we can trust.

One more:

A grifter takes advantage of a person’s confidence for his own specific ends—ends that are often unknowable to the victim and unrelated to the business at hand. He willfully deceives a mark into handing over his trust under false pretenses. He has a plan. What ultimately sets con artists apart is their intent.

^^^ Sorry but this describes Hillary to a T. Lets move on.

>> *Third Link*

But there’s only one truly massive liar in this race: Donald Trump. When Politico attempted to measure how many lies Trump told over the course of 4.6 hours of speeches, they found that he lied, on average, once every five minutes. When Huffington Post catalogued his lies over the course of just one town hall event, they came up with 71 lies.

^^^ Alright, lets consider I’m having a discussion about the American revolutionary war.

I say that the war ended July 4th, 1776. Sounds reasonable, right?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Revolutionary_War <— Nope! September 3rd, 1783! That’s when the war ended.

Now……….. did I **LIE** about when the war ended? Or was I simply wrong? Because I’d say I was wrong. Now if I knew the war ended in 1783, and was deliberately telling you on purpose that it ended 1776 because I was trying to GET something from you – well that would describe Hillary, not Trump.

Trump is wrong a lot because he doesn’t research the facts before he speaks. Once elected, this can be fixed, as he’ll be surrounded by people whose job it is to do that very research.

Hillary f*ing LIES. She knows what she’s saying isn’t true, but will say it anyway. She’ll change her position to whatever she thinks will get votes. She’ll promise anyone anything. THAT is what makes a liar a liar. That can’t be fixed by having knowledgeable people around you either.

Moving on

>> *Fourth link*

(getting long so going to hit enter then answer in the next post)

Athena Brown

Athena Brown From link:

>> . The ‘total and complete shutdown’ of Muslims entering the U.S.

^^^ He was referring to Muslims from the middle east. You heard about the terror attacks in France lately? … or Germany? Does Brussels ring a bell? Can you figure out why the UK left the EU? Are other European countries on high alert because thy think it’s fun?

That truck that drove through and killed 80 people last week?

…………….. NONE of that makes a convincing argument for why Muslims from that area ought to be halted until we have a better vetting process? I mean sure you can disagree and that’s fine. I hear ya. “Let them in no matter what – it’s our principle!” I disagree, though I can see where you’re coming from.

But please don’t feed me this racist xenophobic BS. There are solid reasons behind wanting this to happen.

Also, that part about Trump being surrounded by experts to do the research? Well that happened – which is why Trump has recently changed his position, and is now more accepting of allowing immigrants from that region. After all, his original statements included “. . . until we can figure out what’s going on!”

>> 2. ‘I’m a negotiator like you folks’

^^^ This is listed as “most offensive thing ever”. Suuuuuuuure it is.

And we’re talking about Jews here.

Most. Offensive. Thing. You can say about Jews. Is that they’re negotiators.

I … you… just… posiahfqpehfpiwuehywuerhwsdf okay.

>> “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals?” he joked.


I swear to f*ing god the desperation to vilify this man is so incredible that people just don’t know when to quit.

>> 3. ‘the blacks’

^^^ http://www.slate.com/…/black_american_versus_african… <— yea. This.

>> 4. ‘I am the least racist person there is’

^^^ Entirely true. I’m still waiting for even 2 examples of this man ever doing or saying anything that was racist.

>> 5. ‘Laziness is a trait in blacks’

^^^ There’s no verification that Trump ever said this. It appears in a book that was written by a former disgruntled employee of Trump that hated him and had an axe to grind. The book is filled with all sorts of filth about Trump that you might expect from someone trying to get revenge on him, and is based on hearsay and pure demonizing.

>> 6. ‘a well-educated black’

^^^ I’m going to go ahead and move on to the next link, this is getting silly.

See the link above. They like to be called “blacks” – which makes perfect sense. After all, I’m not a European American…. I’m white.

And sure. Being “well-educated” is the most offensive thing you can say about someone. This page is no longer worth my time, so I’m moving on.

>> *Fifth Link*

Trump trumped his prior statements on Islam with his most incendiary proposal to date: a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

^^^ Yea we talked about this. Scroll up.

Athena Brown

Athena Brown Last one. After this you can tell me how I didn’t read any of your links, didn’t respond to anything you said, “just won’t’ listen”, lalala – pretty much what everyone else says once everything has been systematically gone through and addressed and they’ve got nothing left to say.

>> *Sixth Link*

> First “insult”

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

^^^ Now, explain to me how this means “Mexican’s are rapist”.

Because I’m reading here that there are rapist in Mexico, and Mexico’s economic and judicial policies are creating an environment where their criminals are wanting to cross into the United States.

Trump is acknowledging that some of these are good people. He’s said utterly nothing about Mexicans living in Mexico.

Now, if you know of ANOTHER source where he said “Mexicans are rapist”, please show me and I’ll change my mind. Or if you can show me 2 other examples, anywhere, at any time, from any place you’d like, of Trump being either racist or sexist, I’ll change my mind then too.

I guess until then, because I’m daring to ask the questions and have an open mind, that I’ll just have to be a racist.

> Second “insult”

Sit down, you weren’t called

^^^ Uh… okay? If you weren’t called and it’s not your turn, then you can’t just talk anyway because you’re a special snowflake and you feel like it. Raise your hand and wait your turn like everyone else.

Go back to Univision

^^^ ……………. and?… like, did this guy actually work for Univision? I’m not seeing the insult here.

Do you think Trump was communicating with security to have you thrown out?

^^^ If you are disrupting the conference, then yes, Trump has every goddam right to throw you out. You can’t stand there and ask questions OVER another reporter who is ALSO trying to ask a question. For f*cks sake.

> Third “insult”

[mocking disability] – we talked about this one. Scroll up.

> Fourth “insult”

^^^ [Total and complete shut down of Muslims] – we talked about this one. Scroll up.

> Fifth insult (no air quotes this time)

“He’s not a war hero” [John McCain, who was captured]

^^^ Okay, legit point this time. That was out of line. This definitely counts against Trump.

See if you found a BUNCH of them like this, that would be a persuasive reason to change my mind and switch my vote. But finding a legitimate problem once in a blue moon, when you compare this to Hillary, makes it no contest. Trump is simply the better choice by a long shot. I can put up with a president who occasionally says something off base.

> Sixth “insult”

[Trump makes a beautiful point here that he’s only against ILLEGAL immigration]

^^^ Why is this one even included in the list? This isn’t an insult at all. This is actually helping Trump’s case.

> Seventh and Eigth “insult”

[Insulting Megan Kelly and Rosie O’Donald]

^^^ So Trump can talk smack about literally every man he sees, but when he insults a woman, that’s sexism?

Sorry, I think men and women are equal. If you’re going to work in politics, you’re going to have some heat thrown your way. Now if Trump can insult literally all the male candidates over and over and call them all sorts of vicious names, and no one bats and eye, then he says something about a woman and that’s “sexist” – you’ll get why feminism is no longer about equality. If you need special coddling, you’re in the wrong business.

> Ninth “insult”

“I won’t do an interview unless they pay me!”
out of arguments have to block
^^^ *yawn*

> 10th “insult”

[Insults Rand Paul]

^^^ Thankfully Rand is male. If he were female, that’d be SEXIST and it would mean he HATES WOMEN.


Annnnnnnd that last post didn’t make it.  When I tried to hit enter, it came back with that “cannot post” message, and of course at this point I know exactly what that means.  I’m basically saving just about every thread I get into at this point.