When They Just Can’t Win, Part 6: These Are Getting Predictable

Not much to say in introducing this one.  We all know how this goes – 3rd Waver decides they’re going to “prove” to me in the comments section of a post that women are oppressed, they end up not being able to do that, then rage quit.

Bowing out from a discussion you’re clearly not qualified to have is always acceptable.  Trying to block or delete the entire discussion gets you a place on 4th Wavers.


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Haley Renae [This is the little bundle of joy that we’re dealing with today] Fuck you. Don’t be disrespectful to women, tell them what to do to/with their bodies, and then tell us to calm down when we get pissed. We have a right to be angry mr male privilege! Either deal with women getting pissed at you when you say disrespectful stupid shit, or stop saying disrespectful stupid shit.

Wanna learn about feminism so you can not be a dick? Feel free to visit my feminist page with over 10,000 followers that will agree with me! We talk a lot about not sexualizing women, maybe you can learn a thing or two.  [She then linked too: https://www.facebook.com/BeTasteful ]


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Athena Brown

Athena Brown The post isn’t telling you what to do with your body. It’s simply informing you that most men don’t find this particular thing attractive. You’re still able to do what you want. [Why am I still trying to talk reason with 3rd Wavers…]

Also, there is no male privilege in the US, and I wouldn’t mind joining your page to discuss that, but I’m approximately 100% certain that I would be banned in less than a day for posting stats and statistics that you don’t agree with.

Haley Renae

Haley Renae I don’t ban people for disagreeing with me, i ban people for being disrespectful assholes who don’t follow the rules.

One example of male privilege

President Obama and the Administration have made significant progress to bridge the gender pay gap, but there’s more to be done.
Haley Renae

Haley Renae Oh and it is telling women that if they have those nails, men won’t find them attractive, and that they shouldn’t wear them so men can sexualize them more

Athena Brown

Athena Brown Nowhere on the post does it say you cannot wear them. It only says they’re not attractive to men – you can still keep wearing them.

If I said “These are not attractive to Athena” – then I would only be telling you the opinion of Athena. That’s not an order to stop wearing them.

Also, women get equal pay for the same level of work. They make less at the end of a fiscal year because of decisions they make regarding their careers. https://4thwavers.wordpress.com/…/the-wage-gap-myth…/

(Update: thanks to some persuasive criticism from Free Thinking Atheist Females, which…
Haley Renae

Haley Renae I just gave you a government link, and you send me a wordpress. Impressive… Lol

Athena Brown

Athena Brown Yea, your government link only says “the wage gap exists”. No one’s arguing about that.

The link I gave you provides no less than 11 different links to various peer reviewed sources, including a link to 50 peer reviewed studies on the wage gap, all of which uniformly reach the same exact conclusion. Lol

Haley Renae

Haley Renae Maybe you should explore my link a tad more. Or go ahead and check the US DOL because they say the same thing

Athena Brown

Athena Brown Okay then, not a problem. Lets check your link a LOT more.

From your link:

>> Equal pay is a family issue. Women make up nearly half of the U.S. labor force and are a growing number of breadwinners in their families. More women are also working in positions and fields that have been traditionally occupied by men.

^^^ Completely true. Nothing wrong so far.

>> When women are not paid fairly, not only do they suffer, but so do their families.

^^^ Also true – but if you’re making the claim that women are paid UNFAIRLY, you now carry the burden of proof to present evidence for that claim.

Because we have over 50 peer reviewed studies demonstrating this not to be the case, it’s an extraordinary claim, and will require extraordinary evidence. But back to the link:

>> Despite passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which requires that men and women in the same work place be given equal pay for equal work, the “gender gap” in pay persists.

^^^ Correct. It persists for reasons outlined in the 50 peer reviewed studies I linked you too earlier.

>> In 2014, the typical woman working full-time all year in the United States earned only 79 percent of what the typical man earned working full-time all year. Phrased differently, she earned 79 cents for every dollar that he earned.

^^^ Correct again – and this hyperlinks to another page which says the exact same thing.

Again, the pay gap is real, and no one’s disputing that. It’s caused by women’s personal decisions.

>> Decades of research shows that no matter how you evaluate the data, there remains a pay gap — even after factoring in the kind of work people do, or qualifications such as education and experience

^^^ Correct, because even when they’re doing the same job with the same qualifications, women are twice as likely to work part time, 3 times as likely to call in sick, much more likely to take time off, much more likely to choose shifts that fit their lifestyle, more more likely to choose work within a field that they prefer, etc etc etc etc etc.

>> and there is good evidence that discrimination contributes to the persistent pay disparity between men and women.

^^^ To date, there has never been a single paper published anywhere in the world, concerning the pay gap in the US, that demonstrates a link between discrimination and the gap.

Alright, now your turn.

Examine *my* link a little more closely and see what you come up with.

Haley Renae

Haley Renae So the government pages are wrong because you say so? Women choose to earn less for same work?

Athena Brown

Athena Brown I just finished explaining how those pages are almost entirely right.

I get that you still haven’t clicked the link I provided, for fear that it contains evidence that refutes your narrative, but are you not even reading what I say here?

Haley Renae

Haley Renae Yes i looked at it, yes I’m reading. Yes you’re being a fucking ignorant pompous ass.

Haley Renae

Haley Renae So not all of my government links are correct, but all of your word press link is. Cute

Athena Brown

Athena Brown Okay if you looked at it and you’re reading, it should be obvious what I said. The government page you linked to is mostly correct. The wage gap is real, but it’s caused by personal decisions.

Think of it like this:

If you’re a man, and you work in the medical field:

– If you work as an orderly…………lol omg loser!
– If you work as a nurse’s aid…….lol omg loser!
– If you work as a nurse………….. lol omg loser!!!
– If you work as a doctor………… Okay, acceptable. But only as long as you keep working yourself to the bone, non-stop, to prove your worth.

And then something interesting happens when this social stigma finally pushes more than a few men to the forefront: “Typical! Men are always in charge!”


If you’re a woman, and you work in medicine:

– If you work as an orderly……….. You go girl!
– If you work as a nurse’s aid…… You go girl!
– If you work as a nurse…………… You go girl!
– If you work as a doctor………….. You go girl!

^ Now if you do not have that kind of social pressure, and you’re fine no matter where you land along the job hierarchy, then you’re far less likely to push yourself as hard. That’s what every paper ever written on the subject has concluded.

>> So not all of my government links are correct, but all of your word press link is.

^^^ Most of your government link is spot on. However, there has never been a paper ever published demonstrating a link between discrimination and the wage gap. So it’s simply not true to say that there’s evidence of that discrimination when there isn’t any.

The wordpress page links you to numerous studies and pages. Like I said there’s no less than 11 links – one of which is a report compiled by the Department of Labor specifically for the White House. I not only linked the study, I pasted the highlights of the study – it concludes that the gap is caused by women’s personal decisions.

You’re very welcome to read the study! If you find it’s in error, please copy-paste the paragraphs containing the errors, and explain how they’re wrong. That’s basically what I did with your government link. I read the entire link, and acknowledged that the entire link was correct, but pointed out precisely the part that was in error. You’re very free to do that as well and show me how the wordpress link is incorrect on any of it’s claims.

It’s not incorrect simply because it’s a wordpress. Surely you’re not going to ignore the contents of the link and resort to such fallacies.

Haley Renae

Haley Renae Oh so toxic masculinity and gender roles are to blame for the wage gap because women are turned away from sciences and men are made to feel like less of men for being in anything less than macho careers.

Those aren’t seriously personal decisions. Those are society’s traditional roles being pushed on people at early ages. Something feminism fights to end btw.

Haley Renae

Haley Renae Meritocracy huh?

Athena Brown

Athena Brown ^ Not sure what post you’re replying to, because I never said anything about toxic masculinity, nor that women are turned away from sciences. Also not sure how STEM is a “macho career”.

Again, virtually every study on women in STEM fields is concordant to what every other study now says – women choose not to enter STEM fields, and instead enter other fields. For some strange reason no one has a problem that there aren’t as many women garbage collectors, and everyone’s okay with women not choosing *that* field.

It doesn’t matter if you played with barbies or tanka drugs as a kid. Your decisions as an adult is your own choice and responsibility.

Haley Renae
Haley Renae
Dude own it. You said if a man is seen in a “woman’s role” that they are made fun of and made to feel like less of a man. That is toxic masculinity!
And society pushing stereotypical gender roles cause women to turn away from stem.http://www.cornellrooseveltinstitute.org/labeling-gender…


Athena Brown

Athena Brown So anytime a woman is shamed for not following a female role, that’s toxic femininity?

The first link you provided also links to a study which you can find here: http://www.uchastings.edu/…/01/double-jeopardy-report.pdf

Straight from that study:

The conventional wisdom is that women haven’t
progressed in careers in STEM due to the pull of children
and early choices not to pursue math and science careers
(Moss-Racusin, Dovidio, Brescoll, Graham, & Handelsman,
2012). Some studies conclude that the relatively low
percentage of women stems from these factors and “is
not caused by discrimination” in STEM (Ceci, Williams, &
Banett, 2009; Ceci & Williams, 2011; Ceci et al
., 2011)

^ It’s pretty common to see a webpage link to a study where the study refutes the webpage. You can see another such instance of this here: https://4thwavers.wordpress.com/…/the-new-york-times…/ . The narrative that women are victims is so powerful, that it simply doesn’t matter if the study you link to refutes your claims. Most 3rd Wavers are only looking for confirmation, and aren’t going to read the actual studies anyway.

But back to the study, you occasionally do find anomalies like this one:

Yet three recent studies found that gender bias also
plays a role
. One found that, even when math skills were
identical, both men and women were twice as likely
to hire a man for a job that required math (Reuben,
Sapienza, & Zingales, 2014).

You can find a step-by-step answer to exactly why this result is occasionally found here: http://readingsubtly.blogspot.com/…/the-stem-fempire…

Then you have this one:

third double-blind randomized study gave science
faculty at research-intensive universities application
materials of a fictitious student randomly assigned a
male or female name, and found that both male and
female faculty rated the male applicant as significantly
more competent and hirable than the female with
identical application materials (Moss-Racusin, Dovidio,
Brescoll, Graham & Handelsman, 2012)

^ What’s interesting is that the study they are referencing actually explains it’s own findings – and it has nothing to do with discrimination.

http://www.pnas.org/content/111/12/4403.full <– go ahead and read it yourself.

—– —–
However, from their first year in college, women are much less likely than men to choose a STEM major. College-graduate men outnumber women in nearly every science and engineering field (1).
—– —–

– and –

—– —–
In a controversial speech, Larry Summers (3), then President of Harvard University, advanced three hypotheses for this underrepresentation of women in science: different innate aptitudes among men and women at the high end of science-based fields; different career-related preferences among men and women; and discrimination. Although there is mounting evidence against the aptitude-based hypothesis (4⇓–6), it is difficult to show the existence of discrimination if we allow for the possibility of a sex difference in preference;
—– —–

^ One more time on those last 3 words, so that it sinks in:

—– —–
** difference **

** in **

** preference **
—– —–

When I tell you that there has NEVER BEEN A SINGLE PAPER PUBLISHED demonstrating a link between discrimination and the wage gap, I really do mean it. And if you’d like, I’ll even create a special 4th Wavers post where I will go through each and every individual study referenced on that link and show you, in step-by-step fashion, exactly how none of them provide any evidence that women are kept out of STEM fields due to discrimination.

It will be helpful the next time someone brings this up, and once again I can just drop a link into the discussion. As always they’ll resort to attacking-the-source fallacy with “just a blog” – and of course we’ll go through the exact same motions as we’ve gone through here. But at least the matter will finally be settled.

Haley Renae
Haley Renae Are you reading what you type? Willful ignorance isn’t very becoming. By the by, where did you get your male privilege. Remember i said i don’t ignore people for disagreeing with me, but i do get rid of assholes. Your holier than though condescending bullshit can kiss my ass


^ Well, darn.  Somehow as a woman, I managed to pick up male privilege?  I guess disagreeing with her is fine, as long as you eventually lose the discussion that follows.  If not, you’re “holier than though”.  I’m sure she meant “thou”, but was in too much of a rush to reach for that block button (because remember, she doesn’t ban people for disagreeing with her).  Probably triggered.