Response to The Mary Sue: What to Do If You’re Trans and Live in America Now

I simply love watching liberals have their meltdown.  Haven’t done a response post for a long while, but I’ve been seeing so much craziness from SJW’s and 3rd Wavers in the last few days after the election results, that I just couldn’t resist making a response when I saw this one.

Go ahead and read the entire article in it’s full splendor.  I’m pretty sure my comments there will be deleted as soon as the admins see it, so I’ll post it here as well.


Yea.  “Earth-shattering”.  You just know this is going to be good.

Anyway lets get right into it.  From the article:

>> If you don’t want to speak, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a chat you can use to speak to someone.
^^^ Yes trans people. You were so looking forward to rubbing your candidate’s victory in everyone’s faces. But since you didn’t get your way, CALL A SUICIDE HOTLINE!! You poor, poor things! You didn’t get to do the nya-nya-nya-boo-boo dance after winning like you wanted to. I’m so sorry sweety. 🙁
>> If you can, get your passport. More importantly, get it with your correct gender marker and name. It’s complicated now, but it’s more than likely to become nigh impossible when the full brunt of this upcoming administration kicks in.
^^^ Definitely, get your passport ready. You’re practically a Jew living in Nazi Germany. We’re invading Poland next week, so you better hurry up and crawl into someone’s attic. I got an empty cabinet you can hide inside while you feel special because you think people actually give a flying f*ck and are seriously taking the effort to come and find you for some reason.
>> In addition to the above, I’m sorry to also say you also need money. There is absolutely a sense of privilege pervading this process, and obtaining a passport isn’t cheap
^^^ Yea, having to get up in the morning and go to a job to earn money. That’s friggen privilege right there.
Also, a passport cost around 200 dollars, max. Even on minimum wage, that’s less than 3 days of work. If you haven’t worked even 3 days, and you’re thinking about moving to Canada (but not Mexico for some reason), how are you going to support yourself once you’re there? You’re expecting Canada to just pay everything for you?
Because it’s 2016? And they’re just supposed to?
>> but it is one of the few documents that you can hold that will allow you to travel unabated both within and outside the country.
^^^ No. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.
You can’t just travel to, and live in, other countries, anytime you want. You don’t have the right to enter another country just so you can sit there and pout and expect to live off them for free. Other countries have immigration laws. There are requirements.
Are you really so privileged and sheltered that you do not understand this?
>> Given the changing laws around identification documentation and how driver’s licenses will soon not be enough to travel with (in some states), a passport is essential.

^^^ Riiiiiiiiggghhhht.

       Absolute pure classic gold, Laci. You’re the best.
A driver’s license won’t be enough. The Gestapo will set up road blocks at all exits to and from each state. A towering, portly officer, clad in black, with an arm band and gloves will walk over to your window, as you sit terrified in your car, and he’ll ask for “papers, please”. He’ll inspect them carefully to determine whether or not you’re a Jew – I mean – Trans, occasionally glancing down at you with his icy gaze, as you nervously wait, and hope that you won’t be put on a train and sent to Auschwitz. Which is a really long train ride from Los Angeles.
He’ll then signal you through, and you’ll exhale with relief. Thank god, you weren’t suspected. At least not this time.
It must be really exciting to live every day like this.
>> If you receive healthcare through the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), then you face a risk of losing not just your source of hormones (or other medically-needed drugs), but also your healthcare in general.
^^^ Or… you know… you could pay for your own hormones. – it costs an average of 100 dollars a month or so. On minimum wage, that’s just over a single day of work. Pellet therapy is around 300 dollars and lasts for 6 months – which comes to about 50 dollars a month.
I know the idea of being responsible and paying your own way in life is scary. Mommy and daddy raised you to believe you’re a special snowflake – and hey, now you believe, as Laci Green put it, that you’re living under “textbook fascism”. But really, being an adult is not that hard. It’s actually quite satisfying at times. It may take some getting used to…. for instance, you can’t show up to a job interview wearing a pink frilly tutu, combat boots, a full on beard, dyed armpit hair, and various objects shoved through your ears and nostril piercings because “social justice”, and expect to be hired. You’ll also have to reserve playing pretend and make believe for the weekends. Imagining you’re being chased by Nazi’s is fun! But really, save it for the weekend. Once you get the swing of it, being an adult isn’t so bad. I promise.
>> Things are a bit more difficult to grasp around this particular need, and while I wish there were a concrete way for you to get the hormones you need,
^^^ Yea…. if only there were a way to like… provide a service for someone, and get money in exchange for the service provided. Damn you, capitalism!! Why can’t you give us a way to do that??? >_<
>> Speaking of community, if you are an ally
^^^ If you’re a non-trans person who gets some type of emotional reward for babysitting grown adults……
>> Keep in mind the Ring Theory of Comfort–reach out to someone more affected.
^^^ On a serious note, I work as a mental health specialist. One of the WORST things I can do to a person in crisis is to legitimize their victim identity by reassuring that their fears are real – and then say “But don’t worry, I’m here to comfort you”. That creates a toxic co-dependency that leads to the very nonsense you’re reading right now.
To care for someone in crisis, we validate the person’s concern without challenging the belief, but do not validate the belief. For example, if someone comes to me and thinks the FBI is trying to read their mind, I would acknowledge that they feel that way, then reassure them that they’re in a safe place, and let them de-escalate themselves. Stability returns by providing stability. I wouldn’t say “Oh yes, you’re right! The FBI are everywhere! But don’t worry, you’ll be safe as long as you stick with me.” This only makes the delusion worse, and makes them see me as the only hope they have for surviving the delusion.
I’m sure there are plenty of “allies” out there who’d love the emotional reward for playing the part of savior, regardless of what this does to the other person. So definitely there are people reading this article and thinking “Oh great, I can’t wait to find someone and give them this kind of comfort!”
>> While we all hurt, and I am sure of that, I can promise you that your LGBTQIA friends are likely feeling very affected right now
^^^ You probably are affected. You were having a seizure for a moment there. “Your LGBTQIASHVABBWBERBAUSDGHSERIWEAFERUPK friends are affected right now”.
Cat-like typing detected!
>> A significant portion of America has shown that they do not care about lives other than their own.
^^^ You got that right.
We know them as the “LGBT community”. You believe you can just waltz into other countries and live there whenever it suits you. (But again, always Canada, never Mexico for some reason…)
>> It is in this that we must show we are stronger than them
^^^ Hang on a sec….
…… my eyes rolled right out of my head. Gotta go find them.
^ That was the original post, but while transferring it over to here, I found this little gemstone: – posting the URL instead of a hyperlink to make sure it’s visible.If there was ever any doubt that the LGBT community – and trans people in particular – are acting like babies…..People are now supporting them.

With actual.

Safety pins.


Each and every time I start  to think I’ve seen it all, you people just find something new.  I’d like to say “I wouldn’t be surprised if -” but forget it.  You’ve proven time after time that you damn sure will surprise us.  I’m thinking the next article from Bustle will be something like “New Therapy for Trans People: lay on your back, kick your feet in the air, and cry, until someone pats you“.  I keep thinking I won’t be surprised, but I always am.