Back in Action!

Hi everyone!

There hasn’t been much activity on this site for a while, as I’ve been in the middle of finishing my book, A Bridge Between Feminist Theory and Reality.  It’s been almost a year and a half in the making, and much of it’s contents have passed through a peer review process.  During this time I’ve also moved into a new place and landed an awesome job with a very respected company, so yea.  All that was going on.

As for the book, I plan to upload it very soon.  Don’t worry, it will be free, and I have no intentions on selling it.  This work will be especially useful as part of the public discussion currently ongoing around 3rd Waver nonsense, and I want all of you “nice guys” out there to be able to link the posts whenever you need them.  So yea.  *fist bump*

This process might take a while.  I still don’t have internet at my place yet, so getting online is sort of a challenge right now.  But the idea is to upload around one section per week for the next several weeks, and during that time, I’ll also be looking for someone who can help give this site a makeover.

So like, subscribe, share, all that typical youtube outro stuff, and I’ll see you again real soon!


While I’m eventually planning on having a link where you can download the book, in the meantime, if you want it before then, just email me at .  In the email, tell me how you found the site (because I’m curious, plus it lets me know you’re a real person and not a spambot), and I’ll reply back with the book attached.

See ya!

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